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cold winter

It’s been a cold one. I’ve likely mentioned it before, but this is my favorite alley in Philly. I recently saw some construction happening on the south end though, which is a little disconcerting — the wilderness feel of the block might evaporate one day. For some reason, this felt akin to “FREE CANDY” on […]

a hidden cambodia

Back in the fall, Jenn and I heard some music in the distance when we were exploring an old barge near the edge of Bartram’s Gardens in Southwest Philadelphia. What at first I was guessing to be a traditional Indian wedding celebration (from hearing music echoing through the meadow) ended up being the Wat Khmer Palelai […]


If you hadn’t heard, I’m excited to introduce a new little man named Pike.

in black and white

all bite, no bark

Melrose, Scottish Borders, United Kingdom. Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland. Near a tiny village called Byrness in England near the border with Scotland. My parents lived in this village briefly in the 1970s, and it was fascinating to revisit. Little to no change in forty-plus years. Stow, Scotland.