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a hidden cambodia

Back in the fall, Jenn and I heard some music in the distance when we were exploring an old barge near the edge of Bartram’s Gardens in Southwest Philadelphia. What at first I was guessing to be a traditional Indian wedding celebration (from hearing music echoing through the meadow) ended up being the Wat Khmer Palelai […]

never a wet blanket

Happy New Year, Philadelphia. Here are a few moments from this past fall. The legendary FDR skate park under I-95 in South Philly. Porter in Fishtown. Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA. Boiling some fresh hops (from none other than Matt Hops) in a modified keg, in Tommy & Lauren’s backyard, as part of a huge […]

if all goes well, i’d do it again

Red Bull wisely understands that people never get tired of watching other people fly off of platforms and into a large bodies of water. The Red Bull Flugtug was on the Camden side of the Delaware River yesterday, and there was a huge turnout (the fantastic weather certainly helped). We didn’t witness much in the […]

never enough bicycles

About a month ago, the annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby took over Kensington, in North Philly. Shane and Echo (not pictured) also happened to be visiting over the same weekend, and got to check it out as well. Tall bikes are welcome, but some people go all-out when it comes to absurd bikes. Naturally, it […]

not everyone prefers what you prefer

Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA. • When I visit Philadelphia, one thing that catches my eye is the signage. Whether they are hand-painted, left to decay, or sometimes even creepy (3 things that are certainly not mutually exclusive), there are a lot of signs. Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia. It’s difficult to begin to analyze this “King of Jeans” […]