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Philadelphia’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Fairmount Park.

a walk around fishtown

Fishtown, Philadelphia. There are times that I swear the UK has been picked up, and plopped down in Philly. This corner is on Girard Avenue, though it probably belongs somewhere in the outskirts of London.

kenzo blasters

Tim’s Gears for Gifts ride — supporting Toys for Tots. Each rider donated at least one unwrapped toy for children in need. Not a massive turnout, but good folks, good times. A Fishtown Ice Tea starts with a carton of Arctic Splash (about 100% high fructose corn syrup, sold at all corner stores in the […]

it’s dangerous to go alone

Happy Halloween. “THANK FOR DESTROYING MY 4 year olds pumpkin!” Jenn and I bought a house a week or two ago. The view from the third floor roof deck reminds me of Brooklyn. “THE BEST FOOD ON CAMPUS!” After much anticipation, Fette Sau, our old favorite barbeque shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn recently opened up in […]

if all goes well, i’d do it again

Red Bull wisely understands that people never get tired of watching other people fly off of platforms and into a large bodies of water. The Red Bull Flugtug was on the Camden side of the Delaware River yesterday, and there was a huge turnout (the fantastic weather certainly helped). We didn’t witness much in the […]