Lockdown special

Like people, plants are happy after a shower.
Looking like stock MS Windows backgrounds out here.
This is a bio-kiln.
Evergreens are underrated eleven months of the year, then overrated one month of the year.
Abandoned places in surburban areas can go for months and months without being messed with. In an urban area, it’s a different story.
I met an arborist/horticulturalist who was actively fighting against invasives along this wooded area. Once the aggressive honeysuckle is removed, it opens up like this.
I can never get enough of puddles.
Until we meet again.

Swimming in Vermont

I had the opportunity to visit Vermont for the first time in mid July.

Showing the boys how to properly throw rocks into water.

Thousands of tadpoles greeted us.

The Hesselein boys do have their priorities.

We added to a small dam near a swimming hole, effectively raising the water a few inches. Difficult to see here, but at the far end, the depth was around 4+ feet. I think our crew almost had more kids than adults.

Unfortunately there’s a lack of scale here, but suffice to say, this mother and her egg case were unusually large to me.

Surveying the landscape.

winter escapism

Oranjestad, Aruba.

The island of Aruba is one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever been (alongside Thailand and Barcelona). This is a decommissioned oil refinery in San Nicolas.

I could take pictures of walls all day.

Where pigeons go to die.

The island has many cactus forests, but it doesn’t feel as 100% arid as you’d expect.

You find yourself walking around in living screensavers.

To be continued.

noir in daylight

This abandoned water slide was part of a larger, go-kart focused theme park called “Waterfall Park” on Hatteras Island, in North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Mohonk Mountain House is a European-style, castle-like resort in the Catskills. Hiking up to it from the woods, it doesn’t quite feel inhabited from a distance, but it is still in operation, after about 150 years. It has an almost Grand Budapest Hotel presence.

Never turn down the opportunity to jump into a swimming hole.

It was a good summer.


Wonder Bear

“No Adults”


I need someone to Honey I Shrunk the Kids me so I can truly explore how epic this urban forest is starting to become. I suppose doing an army crawl through the vacant lot could achieve the same effect.

“PLEASE return my plants!”