painting a picture of tomorrow

Inside the decaying US Canning Factory in Northside, Cincinnati.

Jenn and I just spent a little over four days in Cincinnati, allowing for me to explore areas of town that were new to me, thanks to rides from Nate, John, Sylvia, and Kelli, to name a few. We didn’t have easy access to bikes and the region is sprawling, like most US cities. Happy birthday to John (Senior) and Johnny (the Third).

A massive, old KFC bucket sign in an industrial corner of Cincinnati, with some ailanthus in the background on the left.

An area of Cincinnati called “Over the Rhine,” referencing it’s strong German roots. These days, crack addicts and sad alcoholics are seen roaming the streets. Definitely more closed businesses than open ones.

A trail down the hillside near the Gorman Heritage Farm. With the recent spring rains, all of the plants were super healthy, and not yet beaten down by the upcoming heat of summer. (This past July we were also at the edge of this farm: here).

We were happy to see a marching band had arrived, coincidentally, outside of Kelli’s children’s book store in Oakley, Cincinnati, in the early evening. I’m not sure that the girl with the red balloon was actually involved, but she seemed to demand attention from the crowd.

Definitely a lot of dogs. That’s Charlie in the cone on the left, Moonlight on the right.

Also, a reader told me about People of Public Transit recently, some great daily, candid shots of riders – somewhat in the vein of Vice magazine’s “Do’s and Dont’s.”