this is why we can’t have nice things

Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Ran into Sef the other weekend, hadn’t seen him since he got stuck in Vancouver for something like 10 months due to customs at the airport, pretty crazy situation. He was hanging out with Johnny Juice (not pictured) who had a new mountain bike, and was also in great spirits.

This is the Salt Lot, which I’ve mentioned in the past as being headquarters for our Gowanus operations (the blue storage container can be seen through the trees on the left side). Also worthy of mention here is the white porsche: it’s stolen. Someone seemingly used a crowbar on the driver’s side door for entry and dumped it here after a ride, tucked behind some concrete blocks, far from the street, for safekeeping, and with the passenger side window all the way down. A city worker had just questioned us about the vehicle shortly before this shot, and the vehicle has since been impounded.

The other, unrelated thing I’d like to mention about this shot is that the other month, a friend I was hanging out with was able to crawl and climb around to gain access to those somewhat-abandoned storage silos to get a vantage point on roosting birds. He described them as having many ledges covered in droppings, as you’d expect. He also took a few shots of stray cats on the property. James’ site is here: The Origin of Species.

James Stacher (left) and Conrad (aka DJ Dirty Finger) of Black Label, were on the tables during Bicycle Fetish Day, a day-long block party in Williamsburg, dedicated to beautiful bikes. Way too many distractions to hold long conversations with people; great bikes in all directions.

Over the past 2 weeks, I think I’ve joined the South Slope crew for possibly 4+ grill outs (my North Carolina heritage prevents me from calling them barbecues if there’s not slow-cooked pork involved). Here Alison and Mr. Appachia are keeping things under control. We’re lucky enough to have some small plots in the community garden near Pedo Park.

• And speaking of North Carolina roots, thanks to John Prolly over at Prolly is Not Probably for the kind words the other week. To return the favor and introduce him, he’s an architect by trade, and more recently, a mover-and-shaker in the fixed-gear freestyle scene here in New York. He hosts weekly “Peel Sessions” under the BQE in Williamsburg, has acquired grassroots/small-company sponsorships for riding, and is always quick to give shout-outs to new riders and small start-up cycling organizations. And yes, he proudly hails from North Carolina as well.

My Kogswell during a street art-focused bike tour hosted by Jake Dobkin of BlueJake, Becki Fuller of StreetSpot, and Times-Up. Great fun during a hot afternoon, covering ground between Williamsburg and Bushwick, checking out pieces by Gaia, Revs, Roa, Robots Will Kill, Imminent Disaster, and others. Not much mention of the recognizable tags and simply claiming space with one’s name, but instead the intricate wheatpastes and large-scale spray-painted images of people and animals.

I may always love abandoned lots. They’re such a happy surprise; a fissure breaking up the monotony of connected building after connected building. They are always taunting the real estate market with their reckless disregard for property value. This one is in Fort Greene, and is littered with plastic beverage crates, and has a massive pit that will likely slowly be filled in with the weeds that surround its edges.

Also in Fort Greene, a beautiful and condemned church. Some more info about the property here.