don’t sleep on popeye’s

• Heard at a station in Manhattan: “Yes, we’re waiting for that train.N‘ for ‘never’.”

• Rain, more rain. Tomorrow? Rain’s forecasted.

• The remaining comments of today are food-related. (You knew it was coming.)

• I ate at Pret-a-Manger today for lunch – I was momentarily back in London – where the chain started. It has tons of stores, but all of which are located in London, UK, Hong Kong, CN, and NY, US.

• So I’m at Popeye’s the other day. I know, that junk’s been around (I used to mix it up with Jack-in-the-Box, the one that had the food poisoning scandal back in the day), but the point is – what they served me looked just like the picture. I was amazed. I know I was about to consume some unhealthy fast food – but the junk looked gorgeous. Tasted almost similar to Bojangles, which, of course, aren’t in these parts.