of good pedigree

There are many feral cats in my neighborhood. Everyone once in a while, there’s an especially rough character, like this guy. Between an infected left eye, missing left ear, and some sort of open sore on his right leg, he may not have a lot of time left.

This stray, albeit tired, was in better shape. Unfortunately though, its tail was chewed down to the bone, with a little tuft of hair at the end.

On to happier topics, I was lucky enough to go on WNYC’s client appreciation cruise this past Tuesday evening. The three-hour open bar and full dinner, hosted by WNYC personalities ended up being good fun. Unlimited Johnny Walker Black Labels did help as well.

BAMcinemaFEST opened this past week, with a premiere of Cyrus. Most of the cast were in attendance for the film and afterparty (including John C. Reilly and the gorgeous Marisa Tomei). I also saw Susan Sarandon walk through the crowd. Jenn and I enjoyed the film, which felt like a humorous and fun take on a standard romantic comedy. My only criticism is of the extensive hand-held camerawork (with sporadic quick zooms) is worn out and unnecessary, very heavy-handed. The festival runs until June 20th.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

• Speaking of Williamsburg, on Friday night, Rebecca Smeyne, Tod Seelie, and Maxim Ryazansky presented a selection of their photography and spoke about their approaches to image-making, feelings on subject-photographer interaction, and the lifestyle of an artist. Tod, the only one of the three I’ve met on a few occasions, always comes off as genuine, modest, and passionate. Definitely check out all three of the artists’ work if you’re not familiar with them; a lot of great photography and traveling experiences.

Shane road his bike all the way down from Scarsdale to join Jenn and I at the photography talk. Afterward, we hit up Caracas for arepas.

A front yard in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.

• A friend pointed out Urban Plant Research to me yesterday. From my understanding, it’s two women who document urban plants and weeds here in New York City and elsewhere. Worth checking out.

On the bike front, I’ve been very happy with a recent handlebar & brake lever swap on my Kogswell, over to Velo Orange Porteur bars (in stock over at Bespoke in Fort Greene) with Tektro RX 4.1 reverse brake levers.  Makes grocery runs even easier.  The bar tape is Serfas Echelon.

• The other week, Shane’s wife, Echo, began a new job which involved relocated to China for a year. The company is being really accommodating, though, in flying her back to the states at least 4 times over the course of the year, and two round trip tickets for Shane in the other direction as well. They had a send-off party in Koreatown the other week: drinks at the roof of the La Quinta hotel, then we all had a Vietnamese dinner later in the evening.

The M train in Bushwick, Brooklyn, as seen from The Opera Singer’s old apartment, circa 2007.