weird european fetish videos

• So it’s 1:30am and I’m walking home. A silver sedan comes flying down the street (now, when I say flying, I’m not talking Back to the Future 2, but simply driving super fast), he’s swerving over the yellow lines, and as he sees a red light ahead, he slams on his brakes, fishtailing a little – then waiting a minute for the light, he starts revving the engine, and launches it – continues down the street swerving all over the place, and takes a ridiculously sudden right turn (sharp enough to flip a truck or an SUV and of course a Jeep Cherokee). His tires continue to squeal, and can be heard throughout the neighborhood as he takes other turns… I kept expecting to hear that trademark plastic-hitting-metal sound as he slammed into something, but it didn’t happen. He was gone.

And you’re right, you’d think I didn’t learn anything at all in 11th grade English class, grammar-wise, but maybe its late now, and maybe I don’t wanna use proper sentence structure. You know what I’m sayin’?

Also, here’s another shot of that girl from the Cherokee series… I have no clue what the deal is on this site, seems odd, the site looks like some sort of odd fetish thing, I’m not sure… but yah, that girl is stunning though, am I right?