rough and tumble: austin part 1

The glorious Hamilton Pool, in Austin, Texas.

• I just returned from 10 days in Austin with Jenn and a bunch of friends from Seattle and Cincinnati. We rented a house and set out to swim and eat our way through the city, also catching some local music in the process.

I’ll always be partial to palm trees. They remind me of fond memories of visiting Florida in the early 90s. Always magical.

It was good to see Daniel Johnston’s illustrations still up, like this spot near the University of Texas campus, off of Guadaloupe. Many stores sold clothing with his illustrations printed on them as well.

Brad and Jenn near the large Capitol Building, in downtown Austin.

Sapphire performing a song at a drag game show night at Jo’s Coffee Shop.

Austin seems to be overflowing with little animals and insects. This green anole (Anolis carolinensis) was in our backyard, and would occasionally puff up its reddish throat.

Austin will be continued in part 2.

• A quick note, unrelated to Austin: two Brooklyn-based filmmakers have just released new short films that I’d like to mention:

Sean Dunne (who created “Man in Van” and “The Archive”) just put out a new short film called “The Bowler.” Like his other pieces, this too presents, without overt judgment, the life of an unique individual. Worth checking out, even if you’re not curious to see into the life of a man from Staten Island, all of Sean Dunne’s pieces are shot and edited beautifully.

Another Brooklyn filmmaker, Terrence Elenteny, mentioned his new short film, “LeBron James: King of NY,” to me the other day as well. While I’m not the biggest fan of professional basketball (collegiate is more appealing to me), there are some great moments in this short, which is comprised almost entirely of interviews with people on the street in Manhattan.

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  1. Thanks! The combination of my Tamron 90mm macro lens and the APS-C light sensor (DX vs. FX) of my Nikon D90 makes for a fairly tight view already, so it wasn’t so difficult to make the anole seem really close.

    Plus, it didn’t hurt that a lot of the small creatures weren’t that shy. I was able to get pretty close to dragonflies, frogs, snails, and other small things while in Austin, fun times!

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