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Gowanus, Brooklyn.

To change it up a bit, all shots this evening are recent scans from 35mm film. I am happy to have found a little shop in downtown Brooklyn that seems to do great processing. It generally takes me a while to make it through a roll, so these are from the past few months.

Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Partially inspired by a string of cherry blossom shots that Terry Richardson posted on his fairly-new photoblog (link). His blog is really fascinating to check out occasionally — he mixes up his standard white-wall studio snaps of scantily-clad celebrities with an assortment of street ephemera he finds in the East Village / SoHo / Lower East Side area.

At the end of Long Beach, on Long Island, NY. From left: Erik, B.Davis, Erin, and Mr. Appalachia. It’s a 65-mile round trip from the Park Slope area, and even with 2 water bottles, I couldn’t seem to stay hydrated. If you’re in the Brooklyn area, definitely take advantage of the nice beaches out by the Rockaways if you aren’t already doing so. To get to this spot, we passed through some areas that had tiny back-alley-like streets that were closed to cars, only open to pedestrians headed over to the beach or hanging out.

Plum Beach, Brooklyn. Initially I thought this may have been a fox, but I’m starting to wonder if it was a raccoon, which I’ve seen a lot of around town.

Shane and Echo invited Jenn and I up to Scarsdale for a bike ride a few weeks back, right before Echo left for China. This is a highway that they close off on Sundays for cycling traffic. Its amazing how much ground you can cover with vast highways cleared of cars and trucks.

David Downs and I got in a good ride from the Manhattan Bridge, through Sunset Park and Bay Ridge, along the coast past Coney Island to Plum Beach before needing to turn back. That’s his fixed-gear Bridgestone townie on the left, and my Mercier on the right.

A skeletal saddle in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.