a midwest matrimony

Photos by Val Maun.

• A little over two weeks ago, Jenn and I tied the knot. Thanks so much to everyone who made it out to the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio to celebrate with us — we couldn’t have been happier about how everything turned out. Certainly a weekend to remember.

Photo by Paul Murray. This is the engagement tattoo that I got last year, in honor of Jenn, and in anticipation of the wedding.

There were definitely water activities over the course of the weekend – including some pool time (Alison and Mr. Appalachia on the left, and Hans on the right), plus some canoeing down a river (not pictured).

Despite being in Ohio with Kathleen and Virginia for the weekend, Tom made sure we didn’t forget our homeland. Coincidentally, he was featured this past Friday on BikeSnobNYC, wearing the same shirt (see question 3).

• Thanks to Kyle over in the LA area, I picked up a 35mm Yashica T4, just in time for the wedding and honeymoon. Below are a few shots from the first 2 rolls – the first two images are shot with expired Kodak 400 film, and the last two were shot on Fujifilm Superia 400.

Maria in Evandale, Cincinnati.

Jenn, in Deer Park, Cincinnati.

Autumn seems to be right around the corner.

• Also: Some of my photography is being featured in a show opening in Red Hook, Brooklyn this Saturday (Sept 25th). The address of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition gallery is: 141 Beard Street, and here’s a link to more information.

Up next on ThisCityi$Mine: shots from the beautiful country located between Portugal and France.

4 thoughts on “a midwest matrimony”

  1. Congrats on the Show! That’s coming up quick, are you getting a bunch of prints made?

    The corn shot is great, I love the “X” near the center/above sun.

  2. Thanks! The pieces displayed will be on sale, and yes, I should have some extras.

    And regarding the corn — there seems to be a quality about shooting into the sun that digital can’t quite achieve. Great point about that “x” — I hadn’t seen it until now.

  3. Great shots of you and Jenn! Congratulations to you both. And wonderful about the photography show coming up!

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