an attraction to archaic charm

Pumpkins on a farm in rural Connecticut, a side trip while on a visit to see my brother’s new apartment.

In the past, when I so rarely shot film, I felt the need to call it out when I was using it, in part because it felt extra special, and also in part because I was generally pleased with the results. That said, the Yashica T4 I bought a few months back has been increasingly growing on me (and getting more use), so I may leave it a little more ambiguous as to which shots came from which camera.

As promised, some shots of the Jerko, a houseboat on the Gowanus Canal. If you’re curious to see more of the boat, Elizabeth Weinberg posted a great series here.

Dick, at an old switch station on MetroNorth in Connecticut. The hand lever system here was in use until around the early 1980s.

I’m a fan of Alison’s limited edition chuck taylors.

Sam, on the Gowanus.

My cousin Julia, at Fort Tilden park, where she, Jenn, and I rode our bikes out to a few weekends ago. One of my favorite places in NYC.

A self-portrait of me, on Jenn.

“…a denigrating attraction to archaic charm.” – Grace Paley, published in the New Yorker in 1978, contained within a short story, and in reference to Chung, Kuo, Cina, a documentary by Michelangelo Antonioni.

The roots of the word “denigrate” may make it questionable/inappropriate to use, but I do like that particular sentence fragment.