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Bike Kill 7, on October 30, 2010.

There’s been a lot going on, but before too much time passes, I wanted to show this series from last weekend’s Bike Kill.

I think everyone was thrilled that Black Label brought it back, after a hiatus in 2009. I previously shot the event in 2007, as you may recall, but went into this year’s with a different approach. Instead of an expensive digital camera and multiple 40-oz drinks, this year I brought a point-and-shoot 35mm camera, 2 rolls of color film, and only drank a single 40, plus an extra beer or two. I was definitely having some issues with one of the rolls of film advancing properly and catching on the spool, but the results really surprised me when I got them back from the lab. Instead of stale, frozen moments, these unexpected double-exposures start to give more of a sense of the spectacle that is Bike Kill.

Jenn and I saw a bunch of people we know out there, including: Kathleen, Tom, Virgina, Jim, Henry, my cousin Julia, Tod, Sam, Stacher, and more that I’m forgetting. Great times!

Some participants of the 6-pack relay on the right side.

Conrad, aka Dirty Finger, on the tables.

That’s Tom on the right side, with Virginia sitting in his cargo bike. They road over from the East Village to join in on the action.

3 thoughts on “customer service needed in layaway”

  1. great shots as always. it looks like it was a stellar event. I particularly like the double exposure. I assume that it was intentional? what other film cameras are you shooting with?

  2. Thanks, John! Oddly enough, the double exposure was unintentional (I was having some issues with the film advancing), but a happy surprise.

    These were shot with a point-and-shoot Canon SureShot from the early-mid 90s, with a dual-focus lens (only 38mm or 80mm). I’ve been taking even more shots with a Yashica T4 (fixed 35mm length) recently, but didn’t bring it to this event.

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