what will happen to us?

Tron. That’s a plywood half-pipe behind her, in her amazingly-large shared apartment (whole floor of a warehouse in the Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy area).

Tron’s energetic & playful dog, though I can’t entirely remember her name at the moment – I wanna say Hunter or something?

Speaking of animals, the Hesseleins have a bunch at their place in Allentown, NJ. This is one of many cages beside their kitchen.

Jenn and I are always excited when we’re invited down to hang with the crew in NJ. This particular weekend, apple-picking was on the agenda (déjà vu of apple picking in Connecticut a few weeks prior).

• My good friends Chris and Lindsay came into town from Durham, NC for the annual CMJ Music Festival a few weeks back, and Jenn and I caught a few shows with them, after some arepas at Caracas in Williamsburg. We saw performances by Laura Gibson, Ghost of a Sabretooth Tiger (Sean Lennon and his model girlfriend), and the Generationals.

• Happy birthday to my sister, Hillary, last Monday! Not only is she lucky enough to be born on El Día de los Muertos, but she also dressed up like my old Día de los Muertos tattoo for a party in her town of Tucson, Arizona. I was very honored!

• Thanks to a super generous gift certificate from Jenn’s office, we had dinner at The Modern a few weeks ago. Our most expensive meal to date, for sure – and fantastic, in terms of many surprise courses between primary courses, and an excessive amount of nice desserts at the end. Thanks to Jenn’s coworkers!

DLISH and Emily successfully crashed the NY Marathon this past weekend, and a bunch of us South Slopers cheered them on, down on 4th Avenue. Also this past weekend, Jenn and I had a chance to catch up with David & Cindy and also Mark (in town from Seattle) when they came over to our place for some Cincinnati chili.

Diesel’s tool shed.

In keeping with the animal theme, here’s a friendly donkey in New Jersey.

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