not everyone prefers what you prefer

Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA.

• When I visit Philadelphia, one thing that catches my eye is the signage. Whether they are hand-painted, left to decay, or sometimes even creepy (3 things that are certainly not mutually exclusive), there are a lot of signs.

Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia. It’s difficult to begin to analyze this “King of Jeans” sign. For scale, those are normal, individual bricks on the wall — this is massive.

A place for ribs.

Northern Liberties, Philadelphia.

In keeping with the theme, there’s signage on vehicles as well.

• Coincidentally, exactly two years ago, I happened to also show a handful of Philadelphia shots (here).

• Happy birthday to Jenn, just the other day. Thanks to everyone who made it out to her surprise party in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Jacob, 2002.

Glen, 2003.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Jared!

    I think I had stumbled across his work once before (possibly via, but had forgotten how nice his formal compositions are.

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