come back to bed

Happy New Year. Snowfall kept Jenn and I in North Carolina for an unexpected extra three days, but the extra family time and rest made it well worth it.

I was stunned to see this beauty at Nate & Kelli’s bungalow, in Deer Park, Cincinnati. It’s no secret they have curated quite an assortment of mid-century furnishings, but this (1960s?) perfectly-retro-future terrarium they scored at an auction takes the cake.

The breakfast nook at Jenn’s grandparents’ place, a few blocks from Nate & Kelli’s.

I’m almost positive my grandmother used to have the same wheeled yogi bear for her kids (and subsequently grandchildren).

A few nights ago, Kyle joined our group at a bar in Prospect Heights, and seeing him reminded me of a few months back when he showed me his latest bike: a monstrous 70cm Panasonic, which seems to eat normal bikes for breakfast. That headtube is easily 3x the length of most, haha.

• And speaking of tall bearded men, I experienced a Russian banya this afternoon for the first time, with Jenn, down in Midwood, Brooklyn. Sandoony was a little bit of a culture shock for us: we may have been about the only people not fluent in the Russian language and customs. With the help of a nice guy named Stanislav, we eventually got the hang of stuff — seeing oak-leaf-bundle whippings, poolside vodka, and locker room talk of the ins-and-outs of the diamond and ruby trades in New York. There’s something to be said about drinking a liter of Russian lager, then sitting in a 170-degree sauna, then dipping underwater in an ice bath. I want to do it all again soon.

Northport, Long Island.

2 thoughts on “come back to bed”

  1. i freaked out at their terrarium too! i started looking for one online while i was still at their house….i took some shots of it too!
    hope you guys had a great holiday and new year!

  2. That terrarium is super amazing. I have one about the size of a tea-kettle in my apartment that is growing some moss and has a single plastic mushroom stuck in it… I should upgrade.

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