a gentleman doesn’t discuss money

Raleigh, North Carolina, 2001.

Last month, over the holidays, I stumbled across some old shots that I had taken in late 2001. I haven’t experienced the North Carolina State Fair in quite some time, but do miss it.

Reidsville, North Carolina, 2001. I believe this was one of my few trips down to the edge of Lake Reidsville before my grandmother passed away a few years later, and much of the land was sold off.

Once, a neighbor of my grandmother’s, a chronic alcoholic, shot and killed one of her two dogs in her yard. Other times, he’d intentionally herd livestock through her yard, damaging everything in their path. Later, when alcohol had completely isolated him from his family, he seemed to vanish, leaving several decaying properties to slowly return to nature. My siblings and I couldn’t get enough of the spooky abandoned spaces at the time, looking for treasures. We haven’t been back in years.