you take the wheel


Happy New Year (of the rabbit)!

We’re sitting here in the middle of dinner party season, that time of year where New York is so cold you can’t help but stay inside and cook with friends when possible.

Mr. Appalachia & Alison.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, they run some vintage train cars in Manhattan. Happened to stumble across this one, complete with a crowd in period attire, and some live music on the platform.

Another Christmastime event is the annual SantaCon (previously seen here). Had to take a quick shot of this dude who was all beard. And yes, I’m going to try to process film a little faster, by early February everyone has forgotten that the holidays have happened, with seasonal depression in full swing.

On the side of a produce-heavy bodega/market adjacent to the Russian banya Jenn and I visited last month. I had intended on snapping a few shots inside of the banya, but it was pretty clear that photos would be beyond rude (especially when we didn’t even speak the language).

Jenn and I went up to Connecticut a few weeks ago, and had a great time exploring with Clay and Linda (and their small dog, Georgia), then got a chance to go up to Boston and hang out with Val and Verena (and their small dog, Udon) this past weekend – also a lot of fun, including a 12-lb. lobster and many drinks. Likely more on those trips in the next few weeks.

The Hole, Brooklyn, before the recent blizzards. I’ve mentioned this spot a few times before – the rural qualities of these few blocks (complete with stray dogs) polarize its wide-open decay from the rest of the dense city.

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  1. Thanks! Yes, it’s an interesting area to explore, though the random guys that hang out around there don’t strike me as the most friendly initially, haha.

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