a few minutes with michelle

For this installment of the interview series, here’s Michelle. She’s a fun and enthusiastic artist from New Zealand who has started a jewelry and hairpiece line here in New York, called Young & Ng.

She sat down to chat with Jenn and I in her Manhattan apartment one afternoon, discussing her inspiration and background, and also walking us through her recent creations. The pieces we saw (largely cuffs/bracelets and head/hair pieces) all had very delicate, organic forms, yet were contrasted by their own harsh, sharp materiality; quite appealing. Interestingly she had created a few yarmulkes (aka “yamakas”) as well, which was the first time I had seen ornate, all-metal versions.

For more information on Michelle’s work, definitely check out: youngandng.com

Ready to be interviewed.

Many of her pieces ship out in these custom boxes.

La femme a l’eventail (The lady with a fan).

Her at-home studio area. Unfortunately her factory was closed the Sunday we met up.