you’d be pretty if you smiled once in a while

Mugwort (or chrysanthemum weed, which takes over most other plants here) has made a triumphant return here in Brooklyn in the past month, reclaiming the majority of Brooklyn’s abandoned lots. This particular lot is where Jenn and I saw “Uncle Scrappy” last June (in 2010). Some mugwort is already reaching three feet high in some places (not particularly in this shot), and we’re just in mid-June. Incredibly fast-growing stuff.

Jenn and I doubled our chevron-shaped rows in our community garden plot this year, planting a wider variety of herbs (basil, cilantro, rosemary, parsley, thyme, and chives). Unfortunately taking a peek this weekend, new weed spouts are all over.

I have a few rolls of film I hope to take over to Greenpoint for processing in the next few days, which will likely show more of Brooklyn than happy flowers and springtime gardens.

This little guy was all bundled up in preparation for a storm, perhaps — near a cartenero’s collection of cans for recycling.

Some seafood on Portobello Road. London, UK, November 2007.