we like the flag, but where’s the pole?

Two new Friday the 13th tattoos, though I neglected to get this gentleman’s name (or his girlfriend’s, below) – sorry for not properly introducing myself to you guys.

Typically Friday the 13th tattoos are $13 dollar (plus tip) specials – quite a good deal, the only catch being you have to select from a certain amount of pre-drawn flash, and can only get them on certain body parts (I think generally arms/legs/chest/back, as opposed to ribs/hands/neck/feet/face/butt/etc).

Rachel’s dog. I’ve been terrible about remembering pets’ names recently – I think it might be something literary-related. A few weeks back, Rachel and Mimi had a shared birthday party at Rachel’s apartment in Greenpoint. Amazing late-night crowd, quite a variety of people (contemporary dancers, photographers, television producers, writers, etc), and I always love getting a little time to play some stuff on people’s stereos.

• On the music front, my good buddy Val just notified me of the fact that Pulp has reunited. Amazing and unexpected news for Brit Pop fans. Jarvis Cocker is amazing to see in person doing his solo stuff, but I haven’t had the chance to see real-live Pulp songs being performed yet.

Pam’s been in town, over this Memorial Day weekend, and it’s been great to spend time with her, both over in Williamsburg and the Upper East Side, at a handful of great restaurants and bars. Jenn and I even had a chance to meet her parents – very nice people, with some great stories to share.

• Recently Jen & Rich came into town for Emily’s wedding – and we hung out with them over on the west side of Manhattan (near Chelsea), and ended up witnessing a large group of people get busted for pot right beside us by a brigade of plainclothes officers – grabbed, handcuffed, and hauled away. Bloomberg’s got eyes everywhere in this town. But always great to see Jen & Rich, and get updates on their indie rock and farm renovation-filled days down in Asheville, North Carolina.

“No offense, but compared to Paris, or really any city, New York is a rat hole.”
David, an Ecuadorian living in Copenhagen, Denmark, who I met at Katie’s going-away party in Brooklyn Heights the other night.

The annual Cherry Blossom Festival (Sakura Matsuri) at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden brings some interesting characters out of the woodwork. I find it hard to get past the plentiful people watching to even have time to admire any plants/flowers. So much to see in all directions.

Georgia, Clay & Linda’s West Highland White Terrier, gave up on chasing some ducks, once she realized she was in a little over her head, so to speak.

Ra (on the left here, beside Jenn), is one of the most interesting people I’ve met in quite some time. Its tough to put into words, but every once in a while, someone comes along with a certain crazy-upbeat personality that makes you say to yourself, “Wow, I could learn a thing or two about how to live life from this person.”

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