supreme soy sauce

A discussion between two carteneros in Brooklyn’s Chinatown, Sunset Park.

• Congrats to Tod Seelie for the great feature in this past Sunday’s New York Times. Well done!

“Your resource for anything Jewish.”

• Some friends and I were invited to the Thompson Hotel’s rooftop pool opening party in the Lower East Side last week. While the “rooftop” was only 3 or 4 floors up (despite the hotel stretching further upward), and the view being oddly obstructed by a black, opaque wall, an open bar in an elevated area of Manhattan after the workday is not something to turn down. Jenn and I met the event director, a nice, young guy, though I can’t seem to locate his name at the moment.

“Opium Poppy: Breadseed Poppy – Fruits are the source of morphine and other alkaloid drugs.”

• Each night around 1am or so (sometimes a little earlier), the racoons come out in search of trash on my block. If it’s a Tuesday night or Friday night, they score big in front of my apartment building, and drag black trash bags underneath the cover of cars to dig into the discarded meat, vegetables, bread, and fruit. On nights other than Tuesday and Friday, they check the usual spot, but generally move on when all they can find is leftover trash juice on the sidewalk.

St. Mary’s Hospital of Brooklyn. Status: abandoned/condemned.

Brownsville/East New York, Brooklyn.

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

• I finally finished reading the New Yorker’s massive Scientology article from the other week/month. It’s split up into 26 pages online, but I’d recommend clicking “view as a single page” then copying/pasting it into a text editor to make a more manageable document/print of everything. This is a well-researched journalistic gem, and if you have even a slight interest in learning about the ridiculous ins and outs of contemporary cults, read it.

• On the subject of New York-based magazines having solid articles recently, I’ve recommended that some friends & family also check out the great cover story from a few weeks back over at New York Magazine, called “Paper Tigers.” It sheds a lot of light on the Asian American identity (possibly more slanted toward a male Asian American identity, in part due to the writer’s gender), and it’s generated a massive amount of online discussion, and some consider it to be one of the most popular articles ever from the magazine. It is also a long read, but in my opinion, well worth it, and timely.

Sidewalk in Brownsville, Brooklyn. I remember a few years back when I thought that ailanthus was the most prolific & iconic urban weed in New York City, but Hans told me to look out for chrysanthemum weed (also known as mugwort). And he’s been right: it thrives in such abundance that it dominates any size vacant lot (such as this one, or this bench), and I think it may take the crown of most successful NYC weed.

Matt in Allentown, New Jersey. The annual pirate canoe race (or a variation/off-shoot of it) is coming up, in just under a month, over July 4th weekend. Here’s last year’s, and back in 2009. Just remember to bring stuff that can be trashed/thrashed. I’ve had cameras dunked underwater, and have had to throw out pairs of shoes, after repeated getting stuck in several feet of mud. It’s the good stuff.