this is how we do it in the ‘nati

We ran through a sunflower field on an old farm at a twilight hour.

•Cincinnati, Ohio. Home of the Bengals, Skyline Chili, and a failed subway system that has been abandoned for years. While the place feels almost similar to a southern US city (in terms of suburban sprawl, rampant strip malls filled with upper middle-class retailers, and an altogether lack of public transportation), it in fact seems to maintain an edge over the likes of Atlanta, Georgia due to beautiful, old homes set into the sides of the “seven hills” surrounding the valley. While not mountainous, the area does have nice rolling hills, similar to what North Carolina’s piedmont region tries to achieve.

“…the last time I felt as sick and contradictive as this /
Was the last time we played a show in Cinci…”

Fancy footwork (Jenn and Maria). Also related: Fancy Footwork.

• If you find yourself in Cincinnati for a few days, make sure to check out the Clifton neighborhood, relatively close to The University of Cincinnati (here’s a shot of their stadium). It is also the home of The Comet (with a photo booth and punk shows) and Northside Tavern (who play The Pixies). A shot of Jenn and I on the scene here.

• Great to meet all the nice midwesterners out that way: Nate, Kelli, John, Sylvia, Johnny, Maria, and many others. Also congratulations to Jaime and Jenny on their marriage this past weekend. Thanks for all of the hospitality.

• Saw fellow New Yorker Joey Fatone at the Cincinnati airport as I was being picked up.  He was taking a car service.

• I believe I’ve neglected to mention that Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book, the newest release from New York-based Blockhead is perhaps some of his best work yet. From the first track, you know his post-DJ Shadow samples are going to be on-point, but then when you hit “The Strain,” you know he’s bringing a richer level of jazz and soul influences than we’ve seen before. When you reach “Grape Nuts and Chalk Sauce” as well as “Duke of Hazzard,” you start to hear some funk influences even. But of course, once you’re in the thick of it, he brings back the trademark overly-nostalgic drumlines and samples we’ve grown to love from his previous two LPs. This is one of the best albums of the year. (Additional releases that are pretty sick too: Common’s “Finding Forever” (yes, big ups to Nigel for doing the cover design for that Common release), and Kanye West’s “Graduation”).

• As requested, here are two shots of the handlebar mod: shot I, shot II.

Oddly, as it were, Cincinnati in general is very German.

“Order here.” Clifton, a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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