the cusp of an elevated sound

A sprinkling of tattoos at the Trash party at Rafifi in the East Village.

• “Andrew, if you’re on a quest for cleanness with your bike and stuff, why are all the people you hang out with dirty whores?” — my art director, Kathleen. (haha, I think she was being rhetorical).

• The Music Hall of Williamsburg is the new name of the remodeled Northsix space over on, well, North 6th, near Bedford in, well, Williamsburg. Why am I telling you this? Only because those clowns are booking some decent acts these upcoming months. Look into it.

• Mission: recover Nha-van’s body, or uncover his whereabouts. A friend of mine notified me the other day that his brother had been MIA (no, not hanging out with everyone’s favorite Sri Lankan rapper) for over a week here in the city of New York. After being let into the apartment building on the west side in midtown, I made my way to his door, rang a small bell, and he answered the door. Status: solved.

• When a former-sorostitute (wait, hold on here, why does this spellchecker not mind that term? haha) anyway, what now? Oh yeah, so this former-sorostitute is all telling friends about the Misshapes and their origins earlier today. I mean, I suppose one could say it’s so far beyond dead that it might be back in somehow?

Some Caribbean pride as a mocko jumbie walks by, near the Brooklyn Museum.

• In other news, the greater Dallas area welcomes Benval himself, and there’s almost exactly a month until Blaze’s wedding down in the fine state of Virginia.

Marcie: I meant to mention that I saw some of Holly Aiken’s bags featured in a boutique when I was down in the District of Columbia the other weekend. Good stuff, gotta rep young designers from my alma mater.

• Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of the single most massively-tragic moment on US soil since the Civil War: 9/11. I could see from my apartment that they had the two gigantic pillars of light shining up into the dark clouds the entire evening, as with past years. Six years since the event seems like a long time. I was in college, and classes were cancelled for the day when the news hit mid-morning.

• A small, pro-Brooklyn piece I made is featured presently on Informed Revolution. Thanks go out to Shanthony.

• If you don’t already have the Fixed Gear Gallery bookmarked, you should look into it on the ASAP (I know, I know, saying “on the as soon as possible” doesn’t fit within the MLA’s guidelines for proper grammar, but just go with it). This goes without saying, but there is some sick, sick cleanness on there. (and naw, Jenn and Kathleen, I’m not trying to chop straight bars down to 4 inches on both sides).

• Upcoming NYC events to keep on your radar:
5boro Generals Alleycat race called “Riot in Queens” on Saturday, Sept 15.
Helvetica, the film, opens at the IFC Theatre in the West Village on Friday, Sept 14.
This site turns 2 years old on Friday (Sept 14). We ain’t stopping, thanks for the support.

A building near the Meatpacking District on the west side.