farewell new york

Looking east, towards Brooklyn, from thirty-nine floors up in the new Frank Gehry building, 8 Spruce.

David and Cindy are some of the first tenants in the newest Gehry building in Manhattan, and, after only a month, the place is looking great. They’re no strangers to great interior design, as their Hoboken spot made Apartment Therapy earlier this year. They cooked an amazing meal for Jenn and I, and we ate out on a nice rooftop patio.

So, after a hectic few days of packing, moving, and moving the majority of our possessions into storage in Philadelphia, we’re safely down in North Carolina, a few rental vehicles later, for a few days before a trek up to Detroit and northern Michigan (for a friend’s wedding), then we’ll be heading out of the country. It’s been a great 6 years for me, and 7.5 years for Jenn in New York.

Hans out at Fort Tilden, at the Rockaways (though I’m never sure if this is Brooklyn or Queens), during our farewell bike ride the other weekend. Thanks to everyone who joined us on the ride, picnic beach lunch, and the dinner/drinks afterward. We’ll be in touch!

Empty N train, circa 2006.

Also: thank you for all the Photo Contest entries thus far — I’ll be notifying the winner around August 9th-10th! (see here for info, if you missed it the other day).