turn 25 minutes into 7

Michael Powers resurrects Hendrix at Terra Blues in Greenwich Village, NYC.

• Two weekends ago I flew down to Newport News, Virginia to my boy, Blaze’s, wedding (the problem there is, I’m a bit unsure of comma placement when mentioning a name like that… I mean, it might actually not require any, right?). Anyway, despite Jenn picking up a bad cold, and my best man toast being slightly interrupted by a drunken guy, it went pretty well in wedding world. He and Kristin are on a Caribbean cruise currently.

• Caught Division Day and Rahim over at Union Hall the other week with Mr. Appalachia, Jenn, and two of Moses’ nice friends from the Asheville area. We missed the opening act, Ravens and Chimes, unfortunately. Division was pretty entertaining, but we had to go upstairs for part of Rahim, they weren’t quite rocking the place.

I’ve been told I have my mother’s nose.

• My parents flew up this past weekend, and Jenn and I took them on a whirlwind tour of NY food including:

Mexican Radio (yes, it’s a bit midtowny, but I like the skulls)
Angel’s Share (fine, not food, but drink)
Supper (but only for brunch)
Freeman’s (another solid brunch place – it’s all about taxidermy)
Ferrara (sweets in Little Italy)
Grimaldi’s (yes, definitely the best pizza in NYC, hands down)
Willy’s Dogs (better than Crif Dogs, but an inferior name)
B Bar (always sorta cozy. I’m a fan)
Mancora (very good Peruvian, right near all of the Indian places)

• Came across Sean Connery near the Empire-Fulton State Park in Dumbo two days ago. He was actually looking decent for his age. The press also knew he was there. Then later saw “Charlotte’s gay boyfriend from Sex in the City,” I know, I didn’t know who it was either.

Halloween was in the air down in Virginia the other weekend.

• I met with the legendary Suckapants himself last week, and had a long talk about a lot of things. Very nice and super interesting guy.

• I heard reports that the annual ZombieCon had an average of 50 people this year, occasionally swelling to 100 as they attacked the Fifth Avenue area: double decker buses, Louis Vuitton, etc. I only saw two zombies, and it was much further downtown.

• This is old news now, but still worthy of mention if you hadn’t heard: more bike fatalities. Two the other day in Brooklyn. Also, my brother mentioned seeing the scene in Portland last week right after a girl on a 10-speed was completely run over by a cement truck. The truck didn’t leave the scene…but he was saying it was really compelling seeing the local riders’ reactions and attempts to determine who it was from her bike and such. Very unfortunate that even out that way, in the area considered the best place for biking in the US, there are still deadly accidents.

Some people talk on the Brooklyn Bridge the other evening.

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