oh bike kill, i love you

A panda bear gives me the finger (left), and I try to ride over a plastic angel’s wing on a mutant bike.

The Black Label crew can throw a party. Many people came into town for the event. Some Nashville kids seen here. Also some Black Label Minneapolis representation of course, and even Reno, DC, and Baltimore (plus others).

Two girls team up during the chariot races.

Well, yes, this is just girls shotgunning PBR. No bikes here.

The Cutthroats performed well in the competitions (some seen on the left). Always have to appreciate wheelies on mutant bikes.

I don’t really know where to begin. Sadly you can’t see the cig in her left hand.

Stop, drop, and roll, my man.

That wraps it up for Black Label’s Bike Kill 5, in Bed-Suy, Brooklyn. Big ups to Hill, Kathleen, Tom, and Tod for making it out. I am still amazed that the close bodega didn’t run out of malt liquor.

On an unrelated note:

No, Sean Connery wasn’t at Bike Kill, but I am posting this by popular demand, see the previous post for the full context. Shot with a standard fixed 50mm on a Nikon D100.

2 thoughts on “oh bike kill, i love you”

  1. Killer bike stunt, Dude. OR was that your stunt double?

    The Bike Show from Hell!! gotta love it…

    Ole Sean still looks like he’s got it!!


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