but i’m hood rich

One less fixie. This big fella was in a subsidized housing area of the East Village the other morning while I was headed to work. I couldn’t help but think about “hood rich” being painted in a few places in Brooklyn. Where’s are the Big Tymers when you need them? Shot with an old Konica Autoreflex T3.

• Finally, someone was able to capture Kathleen on a bike — this shot comes in courtesy of Tom: here. And, it’s a Raleigh she’s rocking, nonetheless. Good stuff.

Jenn and I caught Elizabeth’s photography opening out at Re-Pop in the Fort Greene area, then had a second dinner with those guys next door at a Cuban place called Mojito’s. The first dinner was at a tex-mex place in the Pratt area on Murder Ave. Always great to hang with Mike Mararian and the crew.

The blob fish. I know this junk is old and stuff, and it seemingly doesn’t have much to do with the streets of this fine city, but I happen to think it might be my favorite fish, simply because I’m so scared by any photo I see of them. And I do love aquatic life… there’s just something about those eyes and that nose all looking back at you. I’m serious though, check out other shots if you can find them. These jokers mean business.

• I finally finished Naked Lunch. I can’t say it’s a straight-up good read throughout, but it’s definitely on the syllabus for the Heroin 101 class.

• Happy birthday to both Hillary and Steve Nghe last week. Both on la Dia de los Muertos. (hmm, actually that link is talking about Oct 31 – Nov 2. For our purposes, let’s say Nov 1.

• I attended the Future of Web Design Conference today. Haha, I know, sounds like the lamest way to spend a Wednesday, but I did get a chance to catch up with Jenny Over, and saw Red De Leon in the crowd, plus heard Joshua Davis and some other talented people speak. The main negative was the location: 36th street and 11th avenue, in that midtown wasteland.

I can’t figure out why the camera doesn’t seem to blur in lower light situations, but does pick up tons of noise with ISO200 film… odd. But yes, in case you were wondering, it’s harvest time, m*therf*ckers.

• That reminds me, thanks to EarnestlySketchy for the throwback post of an old shot I took around this time in 2005.

Boats out in the Hudson River.

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  1. I like the looks of the ornamental gourds

    You’re gonna miss the real harvest feast this year down south….

    Enjoy the big times in Europe coming soon..


  2. quick note…. your ‘posting time stamp’ is in Eastern Daylight saving time NOT Eastern standard time….

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