rubbish tip

Hmmm… looks like I’ve been shooting trash (no, seriously, literally rubbish, etc) for at least five years.  Shot on a trail in Dover, UK, in 2003.

• I’ll go ahead and say it.  It looks like I’ll be spending even more time over in Brooklyn starting in a little over a week.  I took a new job in the most populous borough (“extra, extra large, like the borough of Brooklyn, the residential”).  I know, I know, you’re all like, “how backpacker to quote Talib, especially when the kid fell off after ‘Reflection Eternal.'”  Well, my response to you is: true, it’s a backpacker move, and yes, “Move Something” was indeed on “Reflection Eternal,” which yes, I’ll even agree it may have been his last good album… OK, I’m starting to think this vein of thinking causes people to end up with multiple personalities within a fortnight. (sidenote: weird, according to wikipedia, the duo of Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek together called themselves “Reflection Eternal” for that album, and that the album had a separate name… hmmm… regardless, you know what I meant).

• Good luck to Big Dirty with the WK12 thang over in Portland.  Fingers crossed.

•  The weather recently in the city has been incredibly cycling-friendly.  I hear on the street that it may drop to the twenties next week, which may start to creep into the time of the year where the wind feels so cold that you swear its cutting groves into your face.  It’s always a wind-factor thing.  And sadly, as a sans-mustache (but still mullet-sporting) Chitwood reminded me, “don’t forget about March.”  And he’s right.  Winter in the Al-Gore-Warming days is Feb-March instead of Dec-Feb.

• But what are we — tangential acquaintances accidentally on the same elevator forced to discuss the weather?  Back to New York.

• I received word (via Will at RazorApple) that Sagmeister’s got a show that opened this evening, and will be running through February down at the Lower’s own Dietch Gallery.  I mean, they have an animated illustration of a tight-pants-wearing Terry Richardson (minus full sleeves) on the homepage.  Automatically this place is worth a visit.  And, as I mentioned last go-round, Sagmeister’s also lecturing on the evening of the 19th.

• For your late night needs, has a streaming audio station called “Secret Agent,” I just realized this evening.  I mean, sure their poorly-named “Groove Salad” can be hit-or-miss with the electronica scene… but this channel seems to keep it downtempo and stylish in a clean way.  It’s listed under “electronic” in the iTunes radio channels.  Recommended.

Land’s End, the southern most tip of the United Kingdom, with its rocky landscape and continuously crashing waves, remains one of the most breathtaking places I’ve had a chance to explore.  Shot in 2003.

Regent’s Park, London, December 2007.