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It became winter on Sunday. We had a sideways blizzard strike for about thirty minutes, then disappear. We (Mr. Appalachia, Jenn, Marta, Sarah, and I) were lucky enough to make it inside of a tribeca bar before things got nasty. Tabletop shuffleboard is a delicate game. I kept thinking the bar (Nancy Whiskey Bar) was like the Winchester, ala Shaun of the Dead, but I’m aware it’s a far cry from the truth, simple wishful thinking.

• Before the fleeting snowstorm, we found ourselves in Chinatown in the heart of the Chinese New Year Parade.

Mr. Appalachia (in the aviator jacket, Lehman would be proud) and Marta attempt to consume colored paper.

• BAM’s Harvey Theatre doesn’t allow photography. But they do allow employees access to otherwise closed dress rehearsals. Patrick Stewart is great in the upcoming play, Macbeth. It’s set somewhat in 1940ish England & Scotland with Russian military gear. Lots of fake blood. It’s received stellar reviews from the run it had in London, now it’s here, but the run is already sold out. You may have to craigslist this one, good stuff.

• Thanks to the huge turnout last Thursday at Black & White on 10th street. Hill, Nathan, and even Marc Choi all showed up, plus a large group of the happy hour regulars (Yair, Jesse, Kate, Kumiko, Kathleen, Debbie, Jenn, Redux, Regina, etc).

• The following night, I accompanied Jenn at Rink Bar in Rock Center along with David & Cindy and a bunch of others for slightly-discounted coronas. We later wound up at Calcutta in Curry Row for a sitar-laden meal.

• Also, the Fulton Street Guitar Center has in-store hip hop performances sometimes after work, for future reference.

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