around town update

I had no idea how large the bizarre, vacant armories were, here in Manhattan.  This one is in the Upper East Side, on Park Avenue.

Lots of taxidermy in there.

• My sister, Hillary, and her friend, Zena, are in town for a few days, so Jenn and I have been helping them to see the sights/sites.

The Whitney’s Biennial is currently going happening.  It had a few feature-length films playing this year — we caught some of a documentary on Hurricane Katrina backlash.

Last month the city saw a little bit of snow.  Not much this year thus far.

Recently the city decided to crack down on part of Chinatown’s rampant counterfeiting empire.  One block was shuttered with these bright orange court orders (in a fashion similar to widely publicizing the capture of a known graf writer).

Sunday evening construction in Chelsea.

North 7th and Berry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.