please remember to tip the waitstaff

The Suzan performed at Build it Green this past Saturday, as part of the Gowanus Canal Conservancy’s Winter Festival in Brooklyn, NY.

• The event also gave Jenn and I an excuse to get back to Brooklyn for the weekend and see my brother’s new place (though unfortunately Linda was travelling for business). And, it was also great to catch up with the Brooklyn crew (Hans & fam, DLISH, David & Cindy, Kyle & Lisa, Erik, Kurt, and everyone else I’m forgetting). Kyle, I owe you a drink. And Tim, sorry I was too wiped out to make it to dim sum. Next time!

Amanda Palmer, of the Dresden Dolls, also at Build it Green.

Savoir Adore.

Bella and Pirate Jim.

Meanwhile, back in Philadelphia, people are filling their windows with rabbits and Easter bunnies. I do always appreciate off-season/forgotten seasonal decorations. In the Fishtown & Northern Liberties areas many times people are living in what was once a storefront, and it never hurts to decorate a little.

Fishtown, Philadelphia.

A family restroom in Amsterdam, back in August. I believe the lower Dutch text reads, “donate here, your contribution is voluntary.”

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