don’t spend it all in one place

If you frequent fixed-gear bike blogs, you’ve probably seen these guys before: Torey Thornton (left) & Tom La Marche (right). I happened to run into them on the street here in Philly — Torey (the mad genius behind WRAHW) was in town from NYC, and Tom (rider forĀ Specialized) lives in the area. Nice guys.

Jenn and I found the Smoke Truck around 2:30am the other night, on Frankford near Barcade, and happened to see it again, in a different spot, earlier today. The other night for $10 we got a pile of fantastic beef brisket, 2 buns, homemade pickles, and 2 sweet teas. When it comes to brisket, this place gives Fette Sau in Williamsburg, Brooklyn a solid run for its money. Highly recommended.

Some shoppers at the Punk Rock Flea Market on N 9th, just below Spring Garden. Huge turnout, both with shoppers and vendors. Big selection of old vinyl and everything else.

This installation contains a decent-sized greenhouse area, within the cockpit and main cabin — an assortment of plants that have been pretty well-maintained thus far.

Rather than spray-painted squares with slashes to indicate abandoned/condemned structures like I’ve seen elsewhere, in Philadelphia I believe the city leaves a piece of paper that requests you seal up the premises.

Seeing this Bilenky cargo bike made me remember that a big cyclocross race is happening this upcoming Sunday in North Philly: the Annual Bilenky Junkyard Cross. I think the race starts at noon, and should be fun to watch everyone scramble through rusty, decaying vehicles on mountain and cyclocross bikes. Apparently the past few years have had some snow & ice thrown into the mix as well.

An unopened box of cereal and a cinderblock rest on a bed underneath an eighteen-wheeler that never moves.

Frank Rizzo, Philadelphia’s mayor during the 1970s. This mural is in the Italian Market area, and I feel like the Jerky Boys used to use the same name (Frank Rizzo) on some of their old calls, several years back. Shot last November.

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  1. frank rizzo!! get bret wehr i said. i dont have to talk to you…jerky. yep. thats THE frank rizzo.

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