family wheels

We left the room, and Clay had removed the rear brake in a matter of minutes. Purchased at Pearl River Market on Broadway in SoHo.

Jenn and I flew down to North Carolina this past weekend. There were some bicycles involved. Top left: Hillary tries out a petite converted single-speed Spalding Blade. Top right: I admire the threadless fork on Clay’s Bianchi Pista. Bottom left: the lineup. Bottom right: the Pista rides like butter, top notch.

I’m not sure if I’m becoming too much of a New Yorker, but down south felt ridiculously green. I mean, I was stunned with the magical lushness all over.

After the party it’s the after party. My good friend Mitchell’s wedding is what brought Jenn and I to North Carolina.

It happens.

Safely back in New York, though this seems outside the boroughs.

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  1. Very green and lush indeed down south. Nice pictures and looked to be good times for all…

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