emerald underbelly

Memorial Day, the Sasquatch Music Festival , and a handful of friends were enough reasons to escape to Seattle for six days.

It turns out that the middle of Washington is sorta an arid desert. We camped near a mini-grand canyon of sorts (not seen here). No rattlesnake sightings, only small lizards. Thanks to Maddy for the spare tent. Unfortunately David couldn’t make it out to the festival.

We saw performances by MIA, The Breeders, REM, Modest Mouse, Ozomatli, Dave Bazan (Pedro the Lion), the Fleet Foxes, and some others, out in “The Gorge,” in the middle of Washington.

We stopped by North Bend, Washington , the town that inspired Lynch’s Twin Peaks. It’s large falls seemed to attract many tourists, even on rainy days. The local diner advertises having the legendary cherry pie from the cult TV show.

• We ate at a conveyor-belt style sushi restaurant: Blue C, a French place that surprisingly was a scene: Cafe Presse, an amazing Mexican place in Ballard: La Carte de Oaxaca, a greasy spoon in the middle of the farmlands, and drank an underground and Mexican wrestler themed bar: Cha Cha, the clean and somewhat empty Grey Gallery, a super-popular gay bar on Capitol Hill: The Cuff, and a handful of other places.

• We paid a visit to Archie McPhee for some Glen’s Smart Shop-esc trinkets.

David and Chad grilled some excellent sweet potatoes, turkey sausage, and shrimp over at their 1970’s style house in the neighborhood that borders some questionable motels. David’s Mexican-inspired salad dressing made the meal.

• It was explained to me that while Seattle is politically liberal, it is often socially conservative.

• I can’t count the number of times that Warren Buffett‘s name came up in conversation this past weekend. Turns out that Dhruv (Brad’s roommate) is one of his biggest fans, well, aside from Dhruv’s relative that paid $600,000 to have lunch with him. Some fascinating stories.

• We went to a chimposium at Central Washington University, where large chimpanzees have learned sign language and can communicate with humans. It raises more questions than it answers, very interesting.

This little diner was near a complex, functional lock system on the river in Seattle. There were a fair amount of bikes, however there are also some ridiculous San Francisco-esc hills that require a little bike-walking. Thanks to Maddy and Chad for the extra bikes. While there was an absence of bike lanes in most areas, cars seemed pretty chill about bikes all over the place. It must be the general west coast chillness. I was sorta jealous that people could use incredibly small & minimal locks on their bikes, and sometimes leave them without a lock at all. Surprisingly there were a considerable about of brakeless fixies around town as well… those hills are killer.

An early morning breakfast for some local cats in the Ballard neighborhood, a few blocks from Matty’s boutique design studio, Turnstyle.

Recreational horticulture.

Pike Place Market near the downtown area. Many well-stocked seafood stands, with large crowds watching.

Chad, Jenn, myself, and Brad . Shot in the photobooth of Re-bar during the longest-running, monthly house dance party on the west coast.

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