The Italian Market, South 9th Street in Philadelphia. Luckily it’s been a warm winter so far.

There’s a fantastic Zoe Strauss photography exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art currently. Jenn and I had a chance to check it out when Alison came into town the other weekend. In addition to the large prints on display at the museum, many of her shots have been installed throughout the city as billboards, without labels or additional information. Her work is definitely worth checking out, it’s certainly in the spirit of Nan Goldin.

Either an ancient puritan totem, homeless Jenga, or something far more sinister in an empty lot near the abandoned Reading Viaduct.

Alison, in town from Brooklyn, in the Magic Gardens on South Street.

A gallery opening on Frankford Ave in Fishtown, at February’s First Friday, two days ago. Jenn and I happend to run into Adam there.

• I recently found out that my friend Shanthony has been keeping very busy by not only moving forward as an art director, but has been rapping under the name Miss Eaves (a nod to a typeface we used to use a lot back in school). Check her out here. She’s also been sharpening her skills through creating weekly songs on crowd-sourced topics (like Bacon). She’s performed in a few venues so far in North Carolina, though I haven’t had a chance to see her perform yet in person. If you’re in NC, look her up.

Free rent in South Philly.

Speaking of South Philly, Pat’s, down on Passyunk Ave, is not to be missed when friends are in town.