topless paradise and pulp

Jarvis Cocker
rocked our socks off at the Williamsburg Hall of Music last night.  He put on a ridiculously energetic and charismatic show with a handful of encores, finally closing with his take on a 1986 deep house track, which seemed to keep the crowd satisfied (despite not hearing any Pulp, as to be expected).  Thanks to Jenn for the surprise birthday present (the tickets)!

Highlights included Jarvis giving a glass of whiskey to someone in the front row after they accidentally spilled their drink on the stage, and someone gave him flowers during one of the encores.  His stories and anecdotes between songs were very, very funny.

He’s still got it (and yes, that’s a braided belt).

A car parked outside of Duff’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

• I met up briefly with Chris Reid and Sara Waters last week, who were in town to see Chatham County Line and an upstate music festival, on their annual girls-only trip.  They were in great spirits, but the hang out time was a little limited due to tons of office work.  Jenn and I grabbed a quick drink at a surprisingly full Home Sweet Home that seemed to be having sorta a Bauhaus-ish, dark-keyboard night.

Ici’s brunch over in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill is decent.  The staff is at least super nice.  Six of us (Big Nasty, D.Lish, Mehgan, Jenn, Moses, and I) had an extra long meal to discuss upcoming stuff in BK.

A few tags in Williamsburg.  Click here for a larger version.  There’s a Colt and a Miss 17, but I’m not too keen as to the others.

Bonita (that place on Bedford that has the “Comida Tipicos Mexicana” or something on the windows) has quite good sangria pitchers for $24, for what it’s worth.  The only problem is you need at least one per two people to get the night started right.

Jenn and I embarked on a 35 mile trek (round trip) to Fort Tilden at the end of Long Island, near Far Rockaway.  This is a pit-stop at a snack truck on the bike path, in between Sheepshead Bay and the Floyd Bennett Fields.  Jenn’s Miyata (right) is in beach mode: towel and Krypto lock on the rear rack, and flip-flops, purse, water, and helmet up front.  My bike on the left was a little less burdened, I instead opted to load down the bag on my back.

Fort Tilden has abandoned buildings to explore.  The beach felt remote enough for a handful of the twenty-something girls nearby us to run around topless all day (like jumping jacks and stuff).  No complaints.  At all.

• Later in the day, on the return trip, we had a bizarre craving for a chain Americana restaurant, so we locked our bikes up again and ate at the Applebees at Sheepshead Bay.  Turns out, the junk is good and gully: while enjoying a Bourbon Street Steak, an afternoon fist fight erupted out in the parking lot, and everyone in the restaurant ran to the windows to see the fists flying.  Food and entertainment.

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  1. Thanks! I was very impressed with the venue. It’s the same place that used to be called North Six a year ago and a half ago or so, on N6 in Williamsburg. It now rivals the Bowery Ballroom in terms of concert experience, I feel like. The only gripe is that it’s a ticketmaster venue, of course.

  2. I also liked the Fort Tilden abandoned building shot. The shape of the foliage is like a laptop opened up.

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