multiple showers

Team Robespierre rocked out at “Less Artists, More Condos” tonight.

The main vocalist looks a lot like Nate over in Park Slope, coincidentally.

• So yes, the venue was someone’s apartment over on West 3rd, deep in NYU territory.  It was three hundred degrees in there.  An advantage of all-ages shows is that it’s much easier to get a drink from the bartender.  Two things of note about this show: 1) it’s the third time in NYC that I’ve been at a show where the headliner doesn’t show.  This time it was Japanther.  And worse, I’ve heard they did it two other times recently.  Brilliant way to keep fans.  2) embarassingly enough, I only discovered the beauty of earplugs this evening, after years of hearing loss.  Turns out, those things work wonders.  Next up: buckling my seatbelt when riding in a car.

The other month, I happened to start talking to a bunch of friends about tiki stuff, it just started to strike me as fascinating.  Then, a week later, this shows up in the abandoned lot across from my apartment (the brick building on the right).

• Last weekend, Jenn and I happened to bike past a free performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, over in that Old Stone House place just off of 5th Avenue, so we watched the last bit of it.  One of the lead females was played by a guy in drag, and the humor all around was on-point.  Not quite as amazing as stumbling into “Shakespeare in the Parking Lot” last year in the Lower, but a very close second.

• Bike update: I successfully cut an inch off the steerer in the fork today with a small pipe-cutter I picked up, plus trimmed an inch off each side of the bars.  This thing is getting clean.  Photo.

Hidden gem: this value mix is $3.99 at your local Key Food grocery store.

8 thoughts on “multiple showers”

  1. whoa, plus lone star and mcsorleys? weird – i had no idea. i will say, i heard somewhere recently that pabst is one of the worst beers to drink, in terms of like human rights or something weird… but upon searching a minute ago, i cannot find the exact list.

  2. your bike is looking really streamlined. Nice. What kind of tires does it have right now? The non-puncture ones? So many things to consider when biking in the city.

  3. have you been hanging out in the south slope recently – like last night? i saw some guy who i think was you at that pizza place on 20th….

  4. Hi there man — actually yes, I wandered in for just a second to find out that the kitchen had just closed. I just signed a lease on a place over in South Slope. You’re a little closer to downtown Brooklyn, right?

  5. we were eating at the table right by the door – i’m just up the street on 21st – reading yr latest post i guess we’re going to be nearly neighbors. also i see that you spotted my strange figures pasted up on that construction fence on 23rd – ha!

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