a sanctuary for illegal dumping

If it weren’t for the newish Gatorade logo, I wonder if this could pass for 35 years ago?

•Also: do a Google search for “illegal dumping,” and check out the locale of the first three results. Illadelph representing.

Last summer, for Hans’ (center) birthday, DLISH (left), made light pink t-shirts for everyone with Hans’ likeness on them, and we ambushed him on the High Line in Manhattan. Even some bystanders joined in, donning the shirts. Needless to say, he was speechless.

The Divine Lorraine Hotel is one of the most recognizable and high-profile abandoned buildings in Philadelphia. There was a small fire on the roof the other night that brought the authorities out, but it was quickly extinguished.

• Thanks to Terry & Molly for hosting a great, weekend-long party in South Philly (the annual event is colloquially known as “Thrilladelphia”). It brought a bunch of folks in from NYC (including Kyle and Lisa that crashed with Jenn and I), as well as gathering up the usual North & South Philly undesirables. Good times. I will say, it’s dangerous (cholesterol-wise) to spend that much time about two blocks away from Pat’s & Gino’s with drinks in hand at all times.

Eastern State Penitentiary had been decaying for decades in the middle of Philadelphia, and someone brilliantly decided to reopen it to the public, but in a state of perpetual, controlled decay. Unfortunately this meant the removal of most of the plant matter, but still a decent place to wander through.

Frankford Ave near Girard, where Northern Liberties meets Fishtown.