never enough bicycles

About a month ago, the annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby took over Kensington, in North Philly. Shane and Echo (not pictured) also happened to be visiting over the same weekend, and got to check it out as well.

Tall bikes are welcome, but some people go all-out when it comes to absurd bikes.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be Kensington without some sort of mobile meth lab.

I mistakenly thought this girl had a tattoo of wheat or some type of grass, but in fact they’re southern pines, she told me, referencing growing up in the south. One of my favorite tattoos I’ve seen in Philly.

I’m only realizing now that the rabbit on the right is carrying a chainsaw.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the solid food trucks & stands at all outdoor Philly events. Photo includes: hotdog with macaroni & cheese on top (The Dapper Dog), iced tea with fresh mint (x2), asparagus salad, and a falafel sandwich (A Full Plate). We were sitting in an overgrown lot that had just been mowed for the event.

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