a philadelphian summer

I’m convinced block parties are the reason why summer was invented. Fairmount, Philadelphia.

Getting vertical. That’s Thom on the right. Tim (not pictured) had a bunch of people over during his block’s party, and was quite generous with the beverages. I owe you a few.

Earlier that day (this past Saturday), the annual Bastille Day event was going on over at Eastern State Penitentiary. Huge turnout, lots of French flags, crazy costumes, drag, etc, as they tossed things onto a massive guillotine.

• The massive old furniture warehouse near Girard and Front streets in Northern Liberties/Fishtown that Rich, Robin, and I checked out a few months ago (here), mysteriously burned to the ground last week, sadly. Luckily only one firefighter was injured, compared to Philly firefighters losing their lives in similarly-shady burnings of prime real estate. These gigantic structures have so much character, and it’s unfortunate when they disappear.

There’s this moment where you hit the edges of Port Richmond in Philadelphia, where the pavement gives way to plentiful urban weeds and dirt trails, and you’ve reached a kind of Mad Max environment.

I can’t get enough of oversized (and illegal) dirt bikes in the city. The temporary noise pollution is worth watching them buzz around and do wheelies.

Oh, and street racing. I was instantly taken back to the days on Capital Boulevard in Raleigh, NC, about 14 years ago. Pre-Fast and the Furious, etc.