i can’t believe the things you say

A fortune telling machine in Coney Island, Brooklyn. My brother is getting married next month, so the other weekend I helped him plan a whirlwind Brooklyn tour for a bunch of his friends as a last bachelor’s hurrah. Good times!

This is my favorite alley in Philadelphia thus far. It’s only a few blocks from my current apartment, and it’s amazingly overgrown and jungle-like during growing season. Dirt and weeds have reclaimed most of the once-driveable area. Many of the adjacent back patios and small yards are equally overgrown, despite this area having high real estate values. Hidden spots like this will eventually go away — but for now, they’re still here.

Hampden, a neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland.

A vacant lot in Philly’s Old City neighborhood.


Hard to believe it’s now been over a year since Jenn and I left Brooklyn. Time flies.

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