a few minutes with lauren

For this installment of the interview series, here’s Lauren. She’s a Cranbrook alum, originally from Santa Barbara, California, who silkscreens large, beautiful patterns onto fabric under the name Boutique Textiles.

On a very hot Sunday afternoon in late August, Jenn and I took a tour of her studio in North Kensington, Philadelphia. She showed us many samples, her impressive work table, a large, kinda-robotic exposure unit, and even demonstrated blind printing (if I’m recalling that name correctly, it refers to applying ink without an actual screen in place).

Only part of the large studio space. There’s no shortage of space in Philly, if you know where to look for it.

Lighting test.

I’m always curious to see what supplemental items people have in their work spaces. Tucked away in a corner, I spotted a copy of “The E Myth Revisited,” a must-read for small businesses. Also, I was happy to see the little gray guy from “My Neighbor Totoro,” a classic Studio Ghibli film by Miyazaki.

An impressively-large exposure unit for making the screens to be printed. It’s housed in a cool, DIY darkroom within the same studio room.

Be sure to check out Lauren’s work or drop her a line at boutiquetextiles.com.