i know you know you’ll stay

Under the BQE in Brooklyn, near Red Hook.

Boston, Massachusetts.

Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to catch an old reliable Chinatown express bus to spend a weekend up in Boston with my good friend Val Maun (on the left).  That’s his shot of me on the right (obviously).  We went to school together some years ago and he’s been in Boston ever since (with a brief stint in St. Louis and Texas), building up a solid network up there.  This time we set out to a few areas we hadn’t shot before, and for some catching-up time over beers and malt beverages.

Near Harvard’s campus in Boston.  Perhaps one of the bigger things that is different from NYC is the way that everything is in its proper place.  Even in alleyways, things seemed to be placed purposefully, and things were clean.  Even the small bits of graffiti were in their proper place.

I believe this is one of Boston’s more famous and super-old cemeteries.  Almost every stone had this skull detailing.

Fall in full effect in New England.

Val just picked up a super nice L-lens for his Canon.  To be fair to his shot, this crop is something like a tenth of the original size of a 1600 ISO shot or so.

Big ups to South Slope representing on the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.

• I picked up an old French road bike the other week, just to have some spare bikes at my apartment for my siblings big visit next month.  It’s a 60cm Mercier from 1967 or so, lugged, but with some french-specific parts.  For minimalism’s sake, I quickly converted it to singlespeed, and its seeming to work just fine.

• So it turns out there’s this hidden Hare Krishna cafeteria near my office in downtown Brooklyn.  When you go in, there’s a small security desk in front of an old temple space, and Govinda’s Kitchen.  The payment almost seems “what you can,” and everyone seems super nice.  Interesting dated pastel colors, and good vegetarian food, if you’re in the neighborhood around lunchtime.

• Another note on food: the Latino bodega on the corner of 23rd and 5th Ave here in South Slope has great tortas, tacos, gorditas, and other stuff.  Seemingly better than the one a few streets north (though, that bakery/tacaria is actually 24 hrs).

• Also, Brad was in town for a long weekend a few days ago, and I ended up going out with he and Jenn some (though not as much as they partied, or for as many back-to-back nights).  We met up with Ari last Thursday evening at that dark bar with the pirogi sign on N7 in Williamsburg.  As it turns out, Ari’s been running a pretty interesting site on fashion for the 60+ crowd: Advanced Style.  I don’t really know where to begin with it, it seems like such an underrepresented group here in NYC, and the street fashion approach feels reminencent of the classic Vice Do’s and Don’ts.  Good stuff.

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

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