septiembre de boda

Congratulations to my brother Clay and his now-wife Linda, on their great wedding last weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina. While I didn’t shoot a ton over the long weekend, good times were shared by all, and you may be seeing a few other shots over the next few weeks. Thanks especially to everyone who flew in from afar and those who helped out.

With Clay & Linda currently on their honeymoon in Mexico, plus having a chat late last night with some new friends about travel, bear with me for a few minutes as I reminisce about my honeymoon two years ago, also in September. A few previously unpublished (apologies if a repeat snuck in) shots of scenery in Spain:

A small food spot in Barcelona appears to no longer offer 2 of their choices.

Windy roads through Costa Brava.

Eixample neighborhood in Barcelona.

Inside of the under-construction Sagrada Familia. Likely the most awe-inspiring building I’ve seen in person.

Sexe Drugs & Catacombes.