checking in on new york

Recently I’ve made a few short trips back to New York.

Vaping: still in.

Neck tattoos on mannequins: still in.

Fixed gears: still in.

Curry Row: still there. Not sure why we were always Panna II people, as I’ve met people who always opted for Milon instead. And has anyone been to the downstairs spots?

I was surprised to see UFO and seemingly Sace!? on this East Village-based delivery truck. I’m not super up on NYC graffiti, but if that really is a Sace piece (the late artist, Dash Snow), then it’s at least 7+ years old, or is a tribute? Or maybe I’m failing at reading it.

There’s still room to grow on the east side¬†of Manhattan, surprisingly. This is the site of a former Con Edison plant, and here’s a Times piece about it from 3 years ago.

Meanwhile, back in Philadelphia.


043016_10The legendary¬†Dan Deacon performed in my studio’s building last night.

2 thoughts on “checking in on new york”

  1. Love that shot on the east side of Manhattan. Makes it feel more desolate than the NYT article’s photo did. I prefer yours. Hope all is well, Andrew (this is Meg from Astoria – we knew each other years ago).

  2. Hi Meg! I haven’t been back by Astoria in years — I hope all is well!

    Thanks for the kind words, I’m not sure I had ever noticed that vacant space before walking by it the other day, certainly won’t stay vacant forever.

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