dinner party season

Winter hit last week in South Slope, or SoSlo.  I’m always drawn to burning oil drums, especially in snow.

My siblings were kind enough to fly into town for some holiday cheer.  Clay, from Atlanta, via Charlotte, NC, and Hillary from Bangkok via Hong Kong.

Inside the Brooklyn Museum. I hadn’t seen a large portion of their permanent collection, as it turns out.  I think I always ended up finding my way to the cat mummies and then running out of time, previously.

My brother took my bike out for a spin.  I rode my backup bike (the Christmas tree one from the other week), and we rode down through the industrial parks of Sunset Park near the waterfront to Bay Ridge, and practiced riding on ice at the pier near Owl’s Head Park.

Hot tea over at Zaytoons in Prospect Park (which seems superior to the Carroll Gardens and Murder Ave. locations) on Saturday for lunch.

•Winter in New York does seem to be a time for parties, comfort food, hot drinks, and even catching up on some reading during the few spare moments.  I just started reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and, just 60 pages into it, the book’s sparse landscapes filled with approachable philosophical discussions are definitely compelling.

Leonard Street in Greenpoint.  Shot from the roof of D.Lish & B.Davis’ apartment, during their Christmas/Hanukkah party.   A good turnout, including Hans, Bethany, Gene (in from Barcelona), Yoost, Erin, Sylvia, Moses, Ellen, and some others.  Excellent homemade beef stew (with horseradish sour cream) and potato leek soup.  Later, we moved things to Europa a few blocks away.  If you haven’t been, it’s completely Euro-trashed out upstairs.  Mullets all around, really terrible, loud dance music.  I can’t really recommend it to anyone, however there are lots of super thin Polish and Russian girls there.

Cory and Holly also threw a great dinner party, the following day, at their place down in the Kensington area.  Jenn, Clay, and I joined Moses, Hans, and a few others for some incredible homemade shepherd’s pie and some great salad, and an assortment of meads.

• Additionally, while my siblings were still in town, Jenn and I took them to a few other bars and restaurants: Chip Shop, Otto’s Shrunken Head (for Danish Folk night), Pianos, Lil Pig, Bar Toto, and some others.  It’s great to be with family over the holidays.

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  1. Thanks! Actually no, it was just a single shot, long exposure. I haven’t actually gotten any good results from HDR attempts in the past, perhaps I could use some pointers.

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