don’t lock your doors

I saw some weird stuff while on a whirlwind voyage deep into the bowels of Brooklyn last week on a mission to shoot 14 music venues in about 2.5 hours, for a project I’m working on.  This is in the heart of Bed-Stuy.

After a good, long dinner with Jenn, D.Lish, Bethany, Ashley, B.Davis, Erin, and Bethany, we joined the many people gathered at the Hans/Ben Calloway/Mike Schlereth residence here in South Slope to usher in the New Year.  Three kegs supplied plenty of beer, but unfortunately the amp blew out around 1:30AM or so, causing things to die down a bit.  But prior to that point, multiple DJs (including Mike) had a lot of equipment set up and were rocking the crowd with some unexpected Bollywood and obscure remixes.  In the foreground here, D.Lish and Bethany dance it up.  It was good to talk to Greg and Sissaline (and her boyfriend) for a few minutes.  I also ran into Nikki and Lauren Winslow, whom I hadn’t seen for over 4 years.

My parents hopped on my brother’s tandem bike over Christmas down in North Carolina.  He found it on Craigslist in Atlanta for super cheap.  My siblings and I all flew down from JFK, here in NYC, within a few days of each other, to meet back up at our parents’ place in NC.  It was a great trip filled with bicycles and beer (plus ridiculously warm weather).  While in my home state, I also had a chance to catch up with Eric, Mitch, Karen, and Lora.

I always have to ride Clay’s Bianchi a little, for good measure.

My brother and a Christmas tree.  This was the day after we both ceremoniously shaved our beards down to mustaches.

One of Jenn’s hidden talents (though increasingly not so hidden) is cooking.  This is bruschetta over polenta with shrimp on the side, and goat cheese on top.  Now I just need to tap into my own inner chef to help her out a little more.

Some quality tiki stuff from Jenn, made in Hawaii.  It’s time to class up this place, 1950s style.

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  1. Ah — I hadn’t actually considered it. Though, I do have a friend in Boston who’s done some food photography for some clients, and it seemed to go pretty well. It certainly seems easier (at least on the outset) than event photography or standard portraits. I might look into it, thanks!

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