no matter where you spend the night

From left: Bethany, David, Brian, David, and Ellen.

4th Avenue and 9th Street on the F Train platform.

Mimi organized a panel of about 5 writers associated with the architecture-specific zine scene (including herself, as the author of Loud Paper), plus a moderator, and a very inspiring talk happened at a magazine studio space in Tribeca last week.  Several of the writers/speakers were involved in the academic realm (and seemed to have some student representation in the crowd), and one of the writers focuses on a zine (though almost a magazine, proper) that discusses the intersection of architecture and sex.  The topic of the underground zine world slowly dissolving into the blog world was a popular topic during the Q&A.  Very informative, and open bars never hurt literary or design events.

From left: Cory, Marta, Pam, and Jenn.

Jenn and I hosted a dinner party last Saturday evening, in honor of the 164th anniversary of the London Tube opening, and had a pretty good turnout, despite the snow that evening.  We served Cincinnati chili, naturally, as the original passengers on the London Underground train system likely would have desired, had the traincars contained, well, food carts.  As an alternative to the ground beef-based chili, we also made a hearty amount of chicken and pepper based chili.

• Apparently there’s someone with the same name as me in Singapore.  It happens, there’s also a football player in the UK named the same thing.  But, for quite some time now I’ve been getting emails for the Singaporean.  At first I figured it was probably spam, but when his family members started contacting me, I realized it was real, so I let them know that they were likely looking for a different email address.  Lately I’ve been getting invites for holiday parties in Singapore, a lot of literature from a Catholic church in Singapore, some confidential documentation from a consultancy firm in Singapore, and a lot of registration information for an upcoming Singapore Biathalon.  It does seem like I could possibly trade places with the other Andrew for a while, with all the details of his life slowly delivered to me.

• Somehow it’s only been a recent revelation to me, but I’ve realized that most (if not all) of the well-respected French and Italian directors of the 1950s-1960s kept producing super chauvinistic films.  I’m of course largely speaking about Goddard, Fellini, and Antonioni (and then I suppose it carries through to additional directors like Cassavettes).  I guess its standard film theory 101, cinema as apparatus, female as object, all male directors, etc.  It does cause one to have to look at the treasured masterpieces in a slightly different light though (previously I was sutured into having full identification with the protagonists and such).

The clean streets of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.  As we push toward the second half of January, it’s starting to get cold out there.

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  1. The great photo on the sofa would make anyone want to move to New York. What a life! Fun Blog. How IS Singapore these days?

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